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Noise Pop! We Are Pop!

Akhirnya setelah merancang dari tahun lepas, gig yang diilhamkan oleh encik Amar kita ini is ON!!. Kali ini menampilkan band-band indie, pop, post rock, shoe gaze dan agak berbeza dari gig-gig yang sebelumnya. Juga menampilkan Akta Angkasa.



DATE : 1 MAY 2011 ( SUNDAY )
...TICKET : RM12 ( PRE SALE RM10 )


"Take a trip with Stellarium: four individuals well-equipped to unleash a blissfully edgy assault on the senses. It's time to get your boots on and take a walk down Psychodelica Street - going down to where the shades are black, turtlenecks tight, and there's murder in the air. Visceral & neurotic, and dealing candy that's both visual & sonic, Stellarium takes pleasure in exploding plastic inevitables, filling eardrums with their feedback-driven, superfuzzed white noise over deeply honey-dripping tunes. Call it Dreampop, Post-Punk, Stoner, Shoegaze or Noise Pop - it doesn't matter to them. They might just want to melt your face. Take off those earplugs and feel the heat."

-Slave To The Gaze Magazine 2007-

On December 2008, Stellarium was proud to cross over and co-organise an all Shoegaze festival in Indonesia which spans 5 cities and has some of the most prolific shoegaze bands in it's lineup from Indonesia. This monumental event is called the Supersonic Sound Fest. in 2009, Stellarium curated and co-organised the event and is perfoming with a stellar and telented lineup.

The band released their debut S/T on Custom Made Music/Unexplainable Recordings in the US on the 15th December 2009.


Akta Angkasa are an experimental art rock/noise rock band formed in 2005 with a focus on odd-time signatures, instrumental passages, and a cinematic performance. And judging by their performance shots which are dramatically backlit with fog machines and strobe lights on stand-by, their claim of a 'cinematic performance' certainly stands true.

Yet their origins are more typical than their complex and textured music and lean more towards the tradition of last minute miracles: they were booked for a show as Akta Angkasa but had not yet formed the band. Rushing for that single show, they quickly put together their complex compositions and played the show with typical aplomb. And now, the quartet of Zul, Mamel, Fie, and Ned have just released their Kognitif EP; an exploration in trippy soundscapes and have assembled an impressive resume, with performances alongside Australian band, Spartak in 2007, playing various music festivals & shared numerous stages with international acts like Yoshida Tatsuya, Robin Fox and mr. Strile Assembly to name a few.


Harmacy is an indie rock quartet based in Ipoh, Malaysia and was formed in 2000. They mainly influenced by Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Sebadoh, Eric’s Trip, Motorpsycho and mostly 90s indie rock bands.

They contributed songs in various compilations such as; Radio Malaya, Kopi SeChewen Vol. 3, Come Together Compilation, Metropolutan Compilation from Indonesia and KAMI the Movie Vol. 2 Compilation.

This combo released their first E.P called ‘Here to Here’ in 2004. The E.P highly praised by local magazines and other media. The positive feedbacks leads the boys to record the follow up to their E.P, they recorded a single dubbed as ‘Million Reasons’, consist of 4 new tracks.

These slackers currently writing new songs and planning to record another material in 2010


Formed in late 2008 by frontman Andri Iskandar.Begun life as a cover band of all things 90's Alternative rock.Has since involve into a full fledged creative outlet combining the fractured sounds of punk-ish noise rock,pop sensibilities,jazzy odd signatures,post rock crescendos and whatever else that comes into their mind into an oddly charming mess

the name of the band was taken from the title of biography of influential art-rock pioneer,Sonic Youth also called Goodbye 20th century.the name also serves as homage to the musical era the band members grew up in.


Bio :
Autumnal, wistful, rollicking, earnest, honest indie/alternative pop rock, 90s worshiping and not to be associated with the current 'Indie" hype.The Hollows are mostly influenced by jangly indie-pop sensibility with a mould of our own special sense of music.born and raised in Ipoh, the group's line-up comprised, Aie (voc & guitar), Wann (2nd guitar), Amir (bass), John (drum).Our debut 3 songs EP are already out on 2009.

Why The Fridays?

The very essence of The Fridays as a name is simply an unassuming, practical name that works. That, and we wanted to piss off the restaurant chain by sharing a name with such an unpalatable band as us.

Powered by the belief that pop music can save the world, Acap F the box bedroom rebel, Adib Azhari the local pinup boy, Afniaz Afiq the scene queen, Yan Jimbit the guitar anti-hero, Muhammad Said the brooding thinker and Wan Bellon the child prodigy make up the band that according to the many testimonials by various people, might be the independent scene's best kept secret. Naive but at the same time biting, and real but at the same time soaked in dreaminess, few have left a Fridays' show without being touched in some way or another (sama ada menyampah atau suka, between the two lah).

Basically the music can be described as bad-pop-music-played-by-easily-satisfied-simpletons, but independent pop with substance, played as catchiest as possible, married with punk rock leanings in all the right places is obviously a better description. Independent pop laced with ironic optimism. Yeah, that's it.



Started in 2001 at the small town of Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Instake was formed through friendship. Original line-ups were Khairil on guitar/vocals, Syukht on bass and Naz on drums. Self managed, Instake had released a demo titled "Smile - After Fever Demo" in 2002 and had played at various venues in the scene back then.

A small hiccup in 2004, Instake was put on hold due to work requirements. Now based in Kuala Lumpur, Instake is reborn again with a powerful yet humble and down to earth faces. A single was released in 2009 titled "Indecisive" and one of the songs in the single was aired on and i-amtv Radio Hour in the Philippines.

Since 2009, Instake had been active at gigs and events. Their lust for music made them deliver each song with raw power and energy at every gigs they played. This is what separates Instake from other bands and performers in Malaysia.



0172772840/0136782380 ( amar )


notes : Tiket presale telah mula dijual. Sila hubungi nombor di atas untuk reservation

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