Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sweet... COMADRE is coming

They already annouced their tour date and Tampin is on the list. Mark this date. July 24th. And it's gonna be TAPE FEST 2011. They will tour Malaysia with local band called FUJI. ( formerly known as Fujicolor ). Just wait for the flyers.

what? tak tau Comadre tu apa??

They were born in 2004 in United State with the same 5 dudes from the start. Since then, it has been: 2 full lenghts, a couple ep's, a split record, 4 u.s. tours, 4 west coast tours, 2 japanese tours, 2 european tours, a mexican tour, a puerto rican tour, and a chance to work with various amazing diy labels and friends from around the world.

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